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Submit your press release to news organizations! Use the power of the press!
In addition to submitting your Web site to search engines, you might want to consider submitting a press release for your new Web site. A press release can be a great way to get more people to your Web site. #1 Add URL has partnered with InternetWire to help you distribute your press release to over 37,00 editors, 2 million newsletter subscribers and 1200 News Web sites such as CNET, ZDNET, USA Today, and many other online news and information sites.

How much is it?
You can send your press release to over 37,000 editors for $275. You may also target your press release to specific channels like Health, Business, Non-profit, etc. For more information in regards to submitting your press release, please email us at pr@1-add-url.com

Use our Free Press Release Generator
An important aspect of submitting a press release is having the appropriate format and length. Our Press Release Generator makes it easy for you to correctly format your press release before submitting it to news organizations. Keep in mind that it is suggested that you put most of the "meat" of your press release in the first paragraph. Since most editors typically shorten your release, most of the important things you have to say won't get cut out. Remember, there is no obligation to use our distribution service, you may use this tool and submit it to your local news organizations by printing this release on your company letterhead. Create your press release now!

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